Welcome to the Sue Lee Collection

This collection of contemporary miniature paintings is possibly the largest of its kind in the UK. Sue Lee saw her first miniatures at the Burwood Gallery in Wells over 25 years ago and became an enthusiastic admirer and patron of the art form. Sue regularly visited the major miniature art societies’ exhibitions and also commissioned many paintings reflecting her own interests, from a number of individual artists.

The result is a unique mixture of style, standard and subject matter and includes work by fifteen artists who have been awarded the Royal Miniature Society Gold Memorial Bowl, generally accepted as the highest award in the world of miniature art.

The entire collection of over six hundred miniature paintings is now showcased on this website and we hope you will enjoy the opportunity to view them all.

Please note that the paintings in the Collection are not for sale and neither do we buy miniatures, but we invite you to browse our selection of Contemporary Miniature Art for sale direct from the Artists which can be purchased through this website.